Dental Reviews

What is is a prototype, a concept, an idea. As a dentist practicing in the state of Maine, I have been interested in online dental reviews and how they are managed and I see there are many different options that are being offered. As a dentist, I want reviews that are honest. I want to be able to proactively take part in my reviews, and most importantly I want reviews that service my patients well. is my contribution to the conversation on how online reviews should be managed. It is online software that has the dentist and his/her patients as their primary concern.

The following articles explain the concepts and ideas that are behind

Our software is currently in beta and is currently servicing ONE office.  If you like the thought of being on the cutting edge of technology, if you like the idea of having a proactive approach with your own reviews and you need an affordable solution, give us a call.  We can help you get started.

Please feel free to read the enclosed articles on our thought process on the design that is